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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Kerckhoff Coffeehouse Menu
(See the first comment for an explanation.)

Hot Cocoa
Silly Stories

Bumper Sticker Overload 2/03/05 by Ralphie
What Is It? 1/31/05 by Doctor Bean
Not Itsy-Bitsy Spider 1/03/05 by Doctor Bean
Jaffa Desperation 10/27/04 by Nomad

The best out of the Oven

One Book List 2/18/05
Real Alchemy 2/09/05
Maldives... the sunny side of life 12/27/04
Black Pearls 12/20/04
In Memoriam 12/13/04
World Cultures 12/08/04
Insurgents on the Run in Fallujah 11/09/04


Napoleon Dynamite 3/12/05 by Doctor Bean
Hotel Rwanda 2/25/05 by Ralphie
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 2/16/05 by Doctor Bean
Shaun of the Dead 1/20/05 by Ralphie
Spanglish 12/23/04 by Doctor Bean
Tora, Tora, Tora 11/21/04 by Doctor Bean
In our over four months and our over four hundred posts we’ve been fortunate enough to earn some new readers, many of whom weren’t around to enjoy our earlier work. Since Blogger doesn’t give us the option of organizing posts into categories, I thought it might be useful to have a post that highlighted some of our best older posts for your reading pleasure. The other Coffeehousers should feel free to add to / edit this as they see fit, and once this is a reasonable collection of our best work, if we all want we could even link to this post in the left side bar (above or below the seasonal picture?) to have the menu easily accessible.

What should not go in the menu? The vast majority of our posts have to do with the news of the day. I did not include them in the menu since their relevance is time-dependant and since the easiest way to find those posts is in the dated archives. (For our coverage of the Presidential Elections, look through the archives from late October and early November 2004. Arafat's illness and death was covered at about the same time. For our tsunami coverage, look at the posts around New Years 2005.) Also, if you're looking for a particular subject, use the search feature at the top of the page.

In general, in any group, posts are ordered with most recent first. Also, I thought Oven deserved his own category. He posts rarely but well, and about subjects that have little to do with other stuff here. If you haven't sampled his goodies before, here's your chance. By the way, I listed posts about movies by the movie name, not by the name of the post.

This is a very incomplete list. It's just the result of skimming the archives very quickly. There are other entire categories that could be added in the future, but I wasn't sure there was sufficient interest (astronomy, puzzles, Israel-related posts, Freedom on the March, …). I'm happy for suggestions from readers (including what you would not recommend) and changes from Coffeehousers.
Great job! But you should DEFINITELY include Israel-related and Freedom of the March category. They are both time-tested (freedom's always important, and Israel's alive and kickin') and are in development, so I'm sure they generate a lot of interest.
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