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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
You're Still Here?

Tonight is Dan Rather's last broadcast as CBS News anchor. According to RatherBiased, a site devoted to following his career long before memogate, tonight's broadcast will feature a flattering retrospective of his career.

His reporting has been unencumbered by facts as far back as Vietnam, and his agenda has always been liberal. (Don't take my word for it, sites like RatherBiased document the details well.) I'm delighted to see him go, and even happier that the blogosphere played so prominently in the memogate scandal.
Rather's lies pre-date Vietnam.

Check out


to see how Rather lied on the day JFK was shot in Dallas. He reported, on air, that kids in a white/conservative elementary school cheered when they learned the President had been shot.

Instead they cheered because they were being sent home for the day (the principal had not told them why).
The Scot: Thanks. Here's a link to the URL you left for those too busy to cut and paste.
Would anyone's life or career stand up to the exacting and biased scrutiny of a site like ratherbiased.com?
Certainly not yours. Check out www.anonymousbiased.com
Anonymous: RatherBiased certainly has an anti-Rather agenda. Saying that, however, does not negate that he has been fabricating stories and doing his best for the Democratic party for 4 decades. Plenty of other sites document the same false stories that he's peddled. If you're trying to defend Rather, we can get into the specifics of the outrageous falsehoods he's reported. Check out the link that The Scot provided. But saying "Aren't we all sinners, too?" doesn't make Dan Rather a good journalist.
The manner in which Mr. Rather's forces upsurped the anchor desk from Roger Mudd (reportedly Cronkite's choice) seemed to set the trend for CBS to lose its "Tiffany Network" image that Ed Paley had taken so long to cultivate into the American culture. Once as prevalent as the NBC peacock the network began quite a downhill tumble I believe at that point. Comments?
fulldawg: Welcome. I didn't know any of that. So, my only comment is "thanks".
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