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Monday, March 07, 2005
Next Axis of Evil Target: Iran, Part IV
I bet you thought with the recent action in Syria, I would say that Syria was our next target. Patience, dear reader. We’ll get to Syria. But Iran is going to be a huge problem much sooner.

Here’s the latest. Twice in as many days Iran releases admissions of what we already knew.

Iran: Nuke Program Developed in Secret and

Iran Admits Nuclear Facility Is Underground

No foolin’, Fardad?

My analysis: The bad news – Why is Iran telling us now that they developed their nuclear program secretly? They know we know, but why should they advertise the fact? Is it just bravado, or are they confident that they will be able to deter us with a working weapon so soon, that it doesn’t matter if we know?

The good news – The second article reports that an important facility is under a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Earlier rumors suggested that some facilities were in hardened bunkers under population centers. This is much better. A facility in the boonies means we won’t have to kill lots of Iranian citizens. The fact that it’s under a mountain doesn’t seem particularly worrisome. If a tactical nuke can’t destroy the facility, then conventional smart bombs can certainly destroy every entrance, ventilation shaft, or piece of plumbing going into or out of it. It may not ruin the facility, but it would seal it off. It may not kill all inside, but it would make them wonder how long they can survive on their stores of canned humus.
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But *when* to do it, is the question.
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