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Sunday, November 21, 2004
Pic of the Day

Reuters Photo

Insert smoldering Crater Here
Employees work in the Isfahan nuclear facility 400 kilometers south of Tehran on November 20, 2004. Iran promised to meet the November 22, 2004 deadline for suspending a uranium enrichment program that could be used for making nuclear weapons -- a freeze that will spare it possible U.N. sanctions.
Translation from Reuters to English: Iran continues its program to develop nuclear weapons as quickly as it can while the Europeans and UN rely on diplomatic half-measures and hand-wringing. Iran has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Israel, and Israel's missile defense isn't reliable enough to assure that this won't happen. The only nations that realize what a catastrophe a nuclear-armed mullahcracy would be are the US and Israel. Israel can't risk a flattened Tel Aviv on Iran's fear of Israeli retaliation, so deterrence like in the Cold War won't work. Look for preemptive action in the next twelve months if an internal revolution in Iran doesn't happen.
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