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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Pic of the Day

Bush Pulls Bodyguard Out of Fracas
AP Photo
This is outrageous. While anti-American moonbats protest in the streets (see yesterday's PotD) Bush's Secret Service detail is prevented by Chilean security from entering a dinner reception Bush was attending. A shoving match started between the Secret Service and the Chileans, and Bush had to grab his guard and pull him inside! Kudos to the President for handling it like a Texan. The Chileans are lucky no one drew their weapons. Their even luckier some homicidal wacko wasn't deliberately using the Chilean security to cause a ruckus as part of a distraction while someone else harmed POTUS.
I'm not a hundred percent convinced that it wasn't part of an organized distraction. Animosity toward the president is high enough in other parts of the world, and the action so irregular that it should be cause for serious concern among Bush's security team.
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