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Friday, November 19, 2004
A Wake-Up Call From God
I was up late last night reading some other blogs. This is of course idiotic since I have to actually get up in the morning to heal the sick so as to feed the little Beans. So I forgot to set my alarm when I collapsed into bed last night (the fetching ball-and-chain having already lost consciousness hours ago). I usually set my alarm to 6 am.

This morning at 6 sharp I get a page. It’s one of my elderly patients who recently had a stroke. He’s a friendly guy, but even before the stroke wasn’t a rocket scientist, and now is a bit forgetful. He paged me basically to tell me something that was of no urgency whatsoever and told me that it was 7 o’clock. That means that he still hasn’t set his watch back from daylight savings time. So I got up right on time and started my day. Strange, no?
So you're saying that God is an elderly gentleman who forgot to set his clock properly? Or am I being to literalist about this? Cause, if you have God's number on your pager, I wouldn't mind borrowing that number.
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