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Miscellaneous thoughts and ramblings
Thursday, October 11, 2007
Does the word "duh" mean anything to you?
"Israeli military intelligence said next month's Israeli-Palestinian peace parley will not yield useful results."

For this I went to Israeli military intelligence school?
This is an outrage!
According to the JTA, "Syria took journalists on a tour of the site Israel allegedly bombed last month, calling it an agricultural research center."

That's ridiculous. It was obviously a baby milk factory.
Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Why I stopped blogging
Seems indulgent to blog about why I'm not blogging anymore. But I got tagged by the PT, and I've always wanted to be tagged (is that sad?), so here goes.

10. The Jewish Holidays.

Well, not really. I slowed down to a crawl and eventually stopped way before that. See that picture of fireworks on the side there? That's from July 4. 1987. The point is the holidays had nothing to do with it.

9. Losing my job.

I was actually on the job for several months, lame-ducking it while I helped train my replacements (I hate myself). So you'd think I'd have lots of time to blog, and maybe I did, but I don't remember, and I'm too lazy to check my archives. From what I recall, I spent most of my online time at useless job listing sites and useless company job listing pages.

8. Contracting.

When my real job finally disappeared for real, I got an hourly job. I felt weird billing for time spent blogging, and since I wanted to get home at a reasonable hour, I did not blog. At least, not that I recall. Again, lazy.

7. Getting a new job.

Got a new job. Lots to learn, lots to do, no time to blog.

6. Facebook.

Not really. I did accept an invitation to join, and have connected with some childhood friends and/or acquaintances, but there's no way I'm getting stuck in this time-sink. I think this is where I officially let the kids take over and I start wearing plaid shorts with black knee-high socks.

5. TV

Well, sorta. My wife and I were addicted to 24 and burned through the first 5 seasons (6 isn't out on DVD yet, and I hear it was awful anyway). Then we turned to Ugly Betty - pretty good show, actually. And I'm really into the Office (US version), which I hadn't seen much of before. Just starting season 3. I tried to get into Heroes - I really wanted to like it, and it started getting interesting around episode 6 or so, but I couldn't bring myself to continue. Part of it was that Mrs. R was totally not into it, and I don't get too much TV time on my own.

4. Learning

Laughable. My learning has really dropped off (related to item 5?), but I try to get a few minutes in every day.

3. Exercise.

Laughable as well. Bought a dirt-cheap clearance sale floor model elliptical, and used it a couple of times. But I'm trying. And at least I get to watch TV on my own while I'm using it.

2. Writing

Any spare time is devoted to writing - a little for pay (copy writing for a tech company's website & email newsletters), a little for no pay and no audience (screenplay, sitcom spec, etc.). I've done embarrassingly little of the creative writing since I started the contract job. Thought I'd have a lot more time once the full-time job started but I don't. Or maybe I do, and I just don't write anyway.

1. Family

A. Trying to spend more time with the wife & kids, you know, like, when I'm at home.
B. Baby doesn't sleep well, and when she sleeps all night, "all night" ends around 5, 5:30 AM. So I'm a pretty tired dude.

But all that's just excuses. The real reason is I'm just not that into it anymore. I prefer to leave witty and/or pithy comments on others' blogs. And it's not like anyone's reading this anymore, anyway. Blog fatigue deals the fatal blow.

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