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Saturday, November 27, 2004
Iran Dug Tunnel for Military Nuclear Work
I hate to keep blogging on the same story, but I really believe that Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons is the most dangerous current problem in the Middle East and will have a major effect on our success in Iraq.

German news magazine Der Spiegel reports what apparently everyone except for the UN have been suspecting -- that while Iran tells the EU and the UN that it is developing nuclear power for the sake of electricity (which is laughable given its abundant oil), it is developing a nuclear weapon as quickly as it can. Once it has one it will certainly report this openly and gain much esteem in the Muslim world by doing so. It sees itself (rightly) as pinched between two countries currently occupied by the American military and believes (also rightly) that nuclear weapons would prevent a military invasion in much the same way that North Korea now deters the US. We can't do anything unilateral about North Korea without them possibly melting Seoul. In about a year, Iran will be able to realistically threaten doing the same to Tel Aviv. I'm a big supporter of our actions in Iraq, but Iran is about to become a much bigger problem than Saddam Hussein ever was.
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