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Friday, March 04, 2005
Blame Canada
This story is now about a week old, but it's too funny not to mention.

With the entire world realizing that either going along with, or at least making some accommodation to, the American (i.e. Bush's) vision is a very good idea, who decides last week that they're better off going it alone? Canada! They are no longer in our missile defense agreement and want us to ask permission before entering their airspace to defend either us or them. Tee hee hee. If NORAD spots a Chinese ICBM coming over the arctic circle, Canada (ba haaa haa) wants us to call them (eee hee) before shooting missiles or flying planes through their airspace. BWAaaaahaaaaahaaaa! Oh, my. Yeah. We'll be sure to do that. Or, you'll what? Hurl maple syrup at us?
Or, you know, we do have lots of hockey sticks and hockey pucks that aren't presently being used...
torontopearl: Thank you. We have been duly cautioned! :-)
Hillarious comic.
Hmmm, why do they want to go it alone? I know we seem confrontational and belligerent to the rest of the world, and Canada probably doesn't want everyone else to think that becasue we are connected we don't think the same but C'MON!
Gindy: Cox and Forkum are always great. You can check out their site on our blogroll on the left. They have a new cartoon every few days, usually related to a news story.

Wickwire: Welcome! Your guess is as good as mine.
Oh, c'mon. Canada has a military. They can defend themselves.

Of course, I only know this because of this article about a certain Canadian potential terrorist...
Sotosoroto: Welcome. Very funny.

Your nickname is so close to a palidrome, but it's not. Kind of like: "A man, a plan, a canal, Suez!"

You're a twenty-something conservative living in Seatle? Yikes! You must be even lonelier than us right-wing Los Angelinos. No wonder you blog. Come again.
France withdrew from NATO in 1966, comfortable that France, Italy, and neutral Switzerland stood between them and the Soviets. Sort of a Maginot Line, only effective. And on someone else's dime.

The similarity: Canada knows that it has the protection of the U.S. whether they cooperate with us or not.
Is it just me or does "Cox & Forkum" sound vaguely obscene?

On second thought, don't answer that.
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