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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
New Décor
We decided to make this place look more like a coffeehouse. We hope you like it.
Very slow to place an order in this diner (ie. be able to link up to comments). I'm still waiting for my amaretto decaf coffee and banana nut muffin I ordered a few posts ago!
But I like what you've done with the place.
Can you run with the idea over to my blog and string me up some pearls...?
One more thing: you'd better minimize that (L.A., I presume) cityscape snapshot in order to get the full extent of my words.
I really like your new look. It reminds me of a five-minute program on a Russian political talk show, called "A cup of coffee". It features a well-known satirist who reads his critical commentary on the issue of the day. It's succint, realistic (right-wing), and very funny! ; )
Nice work. If only you gave such tender loving care to your patients.
It's really more of a "Donut Coffeehouse" now, isn't it?

BTW, who's Kerckhoff (pardon my ignorance)?
torontopearl: the slow commenting is a Blogger issue. Sorry. We can't help that. Our waiters and waitresses will assist you in a moment. They will also be shipping you a larger monitor, but until then, Nomad decreased the size of the picture. (That may not help this post, just future ones.) Thanks for the praise. No need to speculate about the contents of the picture. That's our "seasonal" picture, we change it periodically. It explains itself if you roll your mouse over it. As to your request for help with the decor at Pearlies of Wisdom. You'd need to give me access to your template, and my wife would divorce me if I actually spent that much time on a stranger's blog.

Irina: Thanks.

Ralphie: Thanks. Kudos to you for moving the title away from the sign. I can't think of a funny retort to your crack about my bedside manner, so I'll stick my tongue out at you. :-b

Hey! I think I can touch my nose with my tongue. :-d
No. Close though.

PsychoToddler: The Kerckhoff Coffeehouse is a favorite hangout on the UCLA campus, where all of us met. (Except Ralphie, who attended UCLA but didn't meet us until more recently.) Unlike our blog, it's a place where lefties attend poetry readings. The food's great though. I have now idea who Kerckhoff was, but I guess he was of some import to UCLA.
By the way, my favorite touch, if I may blow my own horn, is the coffee cup at the bottom right corner. Scroll down there.

I like the sign at the top, but it keeps making me think "mmmmm..... donuts!"
Doc, never blow your own horn. It can be dangerous. Also, I should divorce you for spending this much time on our own blog.
My favorite touch is how the L.A. cityscape overlaps some of the text.

From The People Behind Campus Names: After success in the lumber business, William G. Kerckhoff was involved in the development of hydroelectric power in 1891, bringing electricity to southern and central California. Kerckhoff and his associates formed the Southern California Gas Corporation in 1910. On his deathbed, Kerckhoff told his wife to "build the building Dr. Moore wants." Louise Kerckhoff spent $815,000 to build and furnish the original student union.
I'd rather get a drink at Ackerman. ;)
Oven: You finally went and sprung for a photograph of yourself. Looks good!

Jack: I've had lots of pizzas there.
ball-and-chain: It's your blog too, honey. Don't leave me! I couldn't blog if I had to interact with the kids and prepare lunches.

[ducks and runs out of room]
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