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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Insurgents on the Run in Fallujah
Is this the "Pic of the Day"?
Oven: that's what really bugs me about the mainstream media. They're always calling them "insurgents" so as to cover up what they really are. They never just come out and call them Sleestacks.
Oven, Nomad: I think it should be Pic of the Day. Do we need to label it as such, or does it stand on it's own? It's so insecure not having years of bloggy tradition to stand on. Our decision today may effect Pics of the Day for years to come.
It's a branding issue for me. In my fantasy world, where we actually generate a readership, I think it would be a plus if we had a "feature" or 2 that readers could associate with us (branding). As the fantasy goes, these would be things that readers could even look forward to (gotta get my dose of the Coffeehouse, because of the...). But, at a minimum, it would be something readers would help reinforce an identity with the readers. A lot of blogs look pretty similar. If you have a couple things that are consistant, then a reader can think to himself, "what was that site with the thoughtful article I liked so much. It was the one that always has the "Pic of the Day" on it. Oh yeah, Kerckhoff." Or, so goes the marketing blather.

So, I prefer a consistantly branded/labeled item.

"Pic of the Day"
Caption (optional)
Comments (optional)

Agree. We'll always title the pic of the day "Pic of the Day". So it is written. So it will be.

I think the other thing that would boost readership is non-news related posts. I.e. personal stories of interest about our days a la Lileks. (obviously no identifying or overly personal info, but interesting or funny anecdotes that they won't be able to get elsewhere as opposed to just links to other stories)

I'll try to do interesting medical news, sometimes.
Totally agree. My forays into Jaffa crapping incidents and fashion TV were early attempts at adding some of this. I like it because it gives me a chance to play with writing with the extra motivation that there is a chance somebody will read it.

I think that the last week has been so focused on the election, Fallujah and Yasser (Dead Man Rotting) that it's tended to dominate the space. I hope that all of us will find time to contribute less news-oriented literature. (OVEN?) There are a lot of newscentric blogs. I think a little personality separates the good ones from the bland ones.
I'll try to do one or two book reviews a month. Oven and Eric read a lot...
I also like your scientific stuff. The Hubble pic, and the Saturn probe were interesting.

I think if it's something that interests us personally, it will have a fair chance of being interesting when we convey it.
You see why this is so much better Godby? We didn't receive emails about any of this stuff.
B&C, you betray your true feelings. You MISSED us!
Bill Laimbeer was a sleestak in 1974.
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