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Sunday, November 07, 2004
Hizb'Allah Asks for a Pounding
Hizbullah Sends Drone Over Border

In a technical feat unusual for an Arab country, Hizb'Allah has flown an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) into Israel's airspace from Lebanon. This gives them some press and bragging rights, but it also gives Israel an excuse to go after them aggressively in Lebanon. Someone in Hizb'Allah's command structure didn't get the memo about who won on November 2. When Israel finds their UAV staging camp and turns it into a crater, there won't be any calls for "restraint" from the White House. There will either be silence or an acknowledgement of Israel's right to defend itself.

Also, Hizb'Allah is no more capable of building a UAV than me and my kids are able to build a mission to Mars. They got help from Syria, Iran, or both (as the linked article makes clear). Again, after the American election, that's just one more piece of evidence of their destabilizing role in the region that will be soberly read to the Kneset or to Congress after either Israel or the U.S. takes Syria or Iran's military down a few pegs.
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