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Saturday, November 06, 2004
I Thought They Only Had Troops For Parades
French Troops Clash With Mobs in Ivory Coast
Bwaaaahahahahahaha teeheeeheeheee!! Sorry. Fighting. For. Composure. Will read on:
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — French troops clashed with soldiers and angry mobs Saturday after Ivory Coast warplanes killed at least nine French peacekeepers and an American civilian in an airstrike — mayhem that threatened to draw foreign troops deeper into the West African country's escalating civil war.
Hmmmm... Sounds like some serious fighting. No wonder that they don't have any troops to spare to help us in Iraq. Let's read on:
France hit back, destroying what it said was the entire Ivory Coast air force — two Russian-made Sukhoi jets used in the bombing and five helicopter gunships.
Ohoooohoooo bwahahaha! [falls out of chair]
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