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Friday, November 05, 2004
As he lived...
So he is dying. Arafat, I mean. How perfect is it that even in his demise, he can't put out a straight story. It's just whatever tale is most useful.

And where to bury him. Hmmmm - well, obviously France is the best place, and not just cause it would be the most convenient. But to be honest with you I wasn't thinking burial so much as sunk to the bottom of a major body of water, or wound up in suicide belts and lit up like a Christmas tree, or frozen in liquid nitrogen and shattered by an Austrian intoning, "Hasta La Vista, Baby."

But that's just me.
If he gets buried in Jerusalem I'm goone lose it. What does Arafat, Carter and Kofi Anan have in common? The Nobel Peace Prize. Ooops, I just puked.
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