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Saturday, November 06, 2004
Three Out Of Four American Jews Voted For Kerry
The depressing statistics are detailed in an article on the Republican Jewish Coalition website. The only silver lining was that more religious Jews tended to vote like more religious Christians.
Luntz’s poll also showed a strong Orthodox trend toward Bush, with 69 percent of Orthodox respondents in Florida and Ohio saying they voted for the president.
I sometimes feel like a Martian in my blue state and blue county going to a largely liberal synagogue. I'm a minority within a minority. The trend is in the right direction, but so slow that I have to believe that some Jews will simply vote Democrat even if the Democrat starts the first debate by eating a baby. I'm encouraged by the friends in my synagogue that voted for Gore and now voted for Bush. They get it. I hope in retrospect, when we can see the results of the Iraq war, more will realize that the mainstream media lied to them, and that we on the conservative fringe were right. Ed Koch says it better than I could:
It’s not adequate from my point of view,” said Ed Koch, a former mayor of New York City who stumped hard for Bush among Jews from Iowa to Florida.

Koch, a Democrat who said Bush deserved Jewish votes because of his unstinting support for Israel, sounded a familiar Republican Jewish theme: The president deserves Jewish gratitude.

“I’m glad it was an improvement,” Koch told JTA, but added, “I think he deserved much more.”
Thank you, Mr. Koch. You're a good man.
I do think, however that Jews should be careful when they say that we should support Bush because of his support for Israel. It needs to be stated more broadly. Bush understands that both Israel and the US are fighting the same enemy and if either one loses, we both lose. This fact is only true as long as Israel and the US are on the same side of the war on "terror." Briefly stated, I don't blindly support Israel solely because I'm a Jew.
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