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Friday, March 11, 2005
Castro Gives Rice Cookers to Women
A hat tip to my mother-in-law for pointing me to this story which is so sad, it's funny.
HAVANA: President Fidel Castro has given Cuban women some good news on International Women's Day: rice cookers are coming to every household.

In a five-hour 45-minute speech to cheering women on Tuesday night, the Cuban leader announced 100,000 pressure cookers and rice cookers would be available each month at subsidized prices.

"Those of you who like rice cookers, raise your hands," Castro said to applause from hundreds of women. The 78-year-old leader spent two hours talking about the merits of pressure cookers.
A five hour speech! Isn't that all you need to know about Cuba? Can anyone in a free society give a five hour speech? Good Lord, that's longer than my Rabbi talks. The only way to give a speech that long is in a country in which the audience is sure that they won't have a job if they leave early.
In his book (an anthology of greatest speeches), William Safire mentions that Castro gave a *nine*- hour speech once. It, however, was not included in the book. Filibuster seems to play a similar role in our Congress...
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