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Thursday, March 10, 2005
'Bush Rage' Driver Charged in Florida
TAMPA, Fla. — A man apparently enraged by a Bush-Cheney sticker on a woman's sport utility vehicle chased her for miles and tried to run her off the road while holding up an anti-Bush sign, police said.

"He told our officers that he just got mad at her, so he went after her," said police spokesman Joe Durkin.
Dude! Chill out! That's no way to win the next election.

I really don't remember any election in my lifetime generating so much anger.
Police said that as Winkler chased the woman's vehicle, he held up a small sign that read: "Never Forget Bush's Illegal War Murdered Thousands in Iraq."
Huh. Really? I'm no legal expert, so I'm not sure how international law handles the Iraq war, or if international law has any jurisdiction over anything, but I'm positive that Florida law forbids chasing people in a car and trying to run them off the road. In fact, that might make a good sign. "Remember, I might get arrested if I drive like a nut."
Interesting, how different the reaction to this war is from the reaction to Vietnam, although in this one significantly fewer Americans are getting killed.
Another big difference between this war and Vietnam is that now we're winning.
Ralphie wanted to know more about the cases of excessive PC, including the details on the student who got expelled for writing one line advocating corporal punishment in his paper. Well, surprisingly, there's a large article about it, and I linked to it on my blog. Check it out!
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