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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Rooting for Animals to Kill Humans
Just thought this little excerpt from a "Guardian" critique of Crocodile Hunter-type shows was illustrative of the priorities of the animal rights crowd.

And all the time you're willing that snake to have a pop (well, I am). Go on boy, get him. Happily, two of them do. First a little desert sidewinding adder gets a nip on him. Then, better still, a snouted cobra bites him on the hand.

"I've been bitten, guys," he yells to his crew. Well, it's not surprising, you clot. I would have bitten you if you'd been harassing me like that. I just wish that the snouted cobra had managed to get a little more venom into him. Or, better still, that the black mamba had had a go. That would have taught him.

FYI, the black mamba is the deadliest snake in Africa.
Just like *some people* wish the terrorists struck here once more just to "teach us a lesson".
Typical lefty mind set in the article. I've only read it for a few paragraphs. You've already found the lefty equating animal life with human life. I found the gratuitous play of the race card.

"Here's a birth, here's a death, here's the inevitable threat from man. And there always seems to be a kindly white scientist in a Land Rover who has spent a life in the bush working with whatever animal it is."

I guess the implication is that the racist BBC is viciously rejecting nature shows with brown and yellow and black scientists, yes? Or is it that racist science grad schools are viciously rejecting brown and yellow and black graduates? Who knows. All liberals know is that inequality in outcomes is de facto evidence of unjust mechanisms operating in society, so someone's racist, and until we figure out who, we're all to blame. If a liberal has to watch a white scientist, he'll (1) mention that she's white and (2) wish deadly snake bites on her. Remember, we right-wingers are the angry haters. Don't forget that.

OK. Enough ranting. I'm gonna finish the article and see if I can spot (a) class warfare (b) military bashing and (c) an anti-Israel remark. Whoever get's all 3 wins a flag pin!
Hey! I was just kidding about (a) through (c), but I actually just found (b):

"The whole thing sounds a bit like a promotional video for a weapons manufacturer."

Too funny. And I still haven't finished the article, though I suppose that (a) & (c) are unlikely at this point.
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