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Saturday, March 12, 2005
Movie Review -- Napoleon Dynamite
Ball-and-chain and I watched it tonight. It's a very funny story about a high school geek with a bizarre family trying to find a date for the dance and help his friend run for student body president. It's the first feature length directing and writing project of Jared Hess, and there's not a single actor in the cast you'll recognize, though the performances are quite good.

We liked it. By the way, make sure to keep watching past the credits.
Don't know how old your kids are, Doctor Bean and ball-and-chain, but ours are 9 1/2, 7 1/2, 5...and the big kids are 44 almost 45, and 43.
Tonight we rented a video starring David Arquette and some other name folks -- SEE SPOT RUN.
Gotta tell ya -- the laughter was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS from one and all. Highly recommended for an evening of entertainment with the family.
torontopearl: ball-and-chain and I are 38 and 37. Our kids are 9, 6, 3, and 1. I'll ask ball-and-chain about 'See Spot Run'. What is it about?
FBI dog meets the real world...and doesn't want to go back to FBI world. My 5-year-old was laughing so hysterically at times, I thought he was gonna hyperventilate. The other two kids weren't too far behind. And I'll admit that once I SNORTED--believe it or not -- in laughter. A "Pearl snort" may not sound so graceful, but it means something's VERY funny! Two thumbs up.
Well, you might recognize Tina Marjarino from about 10 years ago - Waterworld, some movie about a seal, etc.

Anyway, Napolean Dynamite is worth watching for the dance scene alone. But I admit I stopped before the credits ended. What happens then?
A very funny wedding scene.
I saw it with my 16 year old daughter (some bonding action there). We both enjoyed it.

I unfortunately see some disturbing similarities between the characters in the film and my own family, including me (put a beard on the uncle and he's a dead ringer for me).

psychotoddler: Being Romanian immigrants, my family looks nothing like the Dynamites. The closest any movie gets to my family is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

But Napoleon's high school experiences were so close to mine, some parts were painful to watch. I inhabited a social stratum maybe half a notch higher than Napoleon (maybe). I also ran for some low level student body office in freshman or sophomore year (Nomad and Oven probably remember) and lost in a landslide to some popular cheerleader.
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