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Thursday, December 23, 2004
Movie Review -- Spanglish
b&c and I saw Spanglish last night. Terrific. Adam Sandler is wonderful in the most serious performance I've seen him in (with dashes of his classic slapstick, of course). All of the supporting roles are totally enjoyable, especially the insane wife played by Téa Leoni, and Flor played by Paz Vega.

As a minor aside: crazy right-wingers who are sensitive to the caustic leftism in the entertainment industry (like yours truly and b&c) will be slightly annoyed by the placement of an anti-animal-experimentation sticker on the daughter's door, the romanticization of illegal immigration, and the sinking suspicion that Christina's Princeton aplication essay, which forms the narrative for the movie, is much less relevant given their admission "diversity" program.
Sandler's chronicling of Jews in "The Hanukkah Song" is some of the funniest stuff ever sung.

"O. J. Simpson... Not a Jew."

Classic stuff.
Thanks for the review. Wondering if it was worth my time.
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