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Miscellaneous thoughts and ramblings
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Mushy Musings
Thirteen years ago tomorrow I did the wisest thing I have done in my thirtysomething years. I married ball-and-chain. In retrospect, I don’t think I was a fully responsible adult before that time. Being responsible for another person, being an interdependent half of a couple is a radically different life from that of a single guy. No relationship is perfect, and we’ve certainly tried each others’ patience, fought, and at various times driven each other crazy. We’ve also encouraged each other when we were down, reminded each other of our strengths, made each other laugh, and made each other much happier than we would have been apart. Oh, and we also had four kids who are now taking turns trying to kill us.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart! I’m looking forward to the next 13 years.
Happy anniversary! Seems like only yesterday you were sniffling and sneezing your way into holy matrimony.

As an aside, it was forty years and two days ago that my parents married. I don't know how wise they feel, but hey, they lasted forty years and two days. That's something.
Wow, 40 years. Wish them a happy anniversary for me.

Yeah, I had post-nasal-drip-from-hell that day, but I made it through the ceremony without puking, which isn't bad.
I liked the thing with the chairs. That was a lotta fun.
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