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Friday, March 23, 2007
WSJ and the Jewish Question
There is almost always an article of Jewish interest in the Friday edition of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page. Well, at least on Fridays on opinionjournal.com. This is, of course, because the Jews control both the media and the financial world. I mean, duh.

Anyway, today there's a nice apologist article (and I use the term "apologist" in the most positive sense) about the mechitza, the divider between men and women in Orthodox synagogues.

Sorry for the lack in postings lately - Starbucks was trying to buy us out and I had to spend all my efforts keeping them at bay. But we're back in business, even if our offerings will continue to be somewhat sparse.
She wrote that she liked the partition between men and women and preferred to daven in an Orthodox shul, but she didn't say why.

Years ago Lucy Davidowitz, the famous Holocaust historian, wrote a really nice piece about why she preferred to daven in a shul with a mechitza -- I think it was in Commentary -- it was really good, wish I could find it.

I am really happy this place is open again, I kept coming in and finding the coffee cold and cobwebs growing in the corners. Nice to see the lights back on.
There's no partition in my church, or any Christian church as far as I know. My wife and I hold hands in the pew - personally, I enjoy her company during worship. I may lose a little focus during the sermon, but I blame the pastor.

I wonder if the mechitza is based on Scripture.
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