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Thursday, January 11, 2007
House raises minimum wage
That didn't take long. Why do the democrats want to stick it to small business owners?
because they have no grasp on basic economics. They're all living off daddy's trust fund.

They're sticking it to small businesses whose costs just went up. They're sticking it to the low-skilled unemployed who will find it harder to get a job. They're sticking it to the consumer who will pay more for the same goods and services. They're sticking it to people making minimum wage, too. Some of them will make more. The rest will lose their jobs
You can sometimes make them dimly aware of economics if you suggest that the minimum wage should be $100 an hour. They will usually respond by giving you reasons -- without prompting -- why that would not work. The rest of the lesson is easy.

Of course most Democrats who get elected to Congress do have IQs just high enough to understand what's wrong with minimum wage laws but they get elected by pandering to the stupid and clueless. That's their base.
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