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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Bakery, Coffeehouse...
So I'm at the bakery this morning, buying some whole wheat bread (delicious, I'm telling you). They have a TV to entertain the customers while standing in line, and this morning it was tuned to the Today Show on NBC. Meredith Viera was talking to Chris Matthews (I think) about an apparent Bush plan to send more troops to Iraq.

Matthews was pooh-poohing the idea, saying that it's just playing with numbers to get an advantage in the press. I thought, that's funny, I thought that's what the antiwar crowd was doing when it prepared responses and events to commemorate the 3,000th U.S. death in Iraq. Sure enough, Matthews brings up the magic number 3,000 to emphasize his point about getting out of the war. So in practically the same breath he says that sending more troops is just a numbers game, but then plays the same game himself from the other side of the court.
and this surprises you how?

At least he didn't compare Rummy to Hitler.

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