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Monday, January 08, 2007
Tigger Gets Tough
Foxnews hasvideo of Tigger hitting a Disneyland patron. This brought me back to a childhood visit to DisneyWorld... when Mickey Mouse hit me.

I was a little over five years old, and it was Mickey's 40th birthday or something. My parents thought it would be cute if I played "Happy Birthday" for Mickey on my violin. We somehow got the violin into the park, and spotted Mickey greeting kids. I whipped out my fiddle and tried to get his attention, but I couldn't seem to drag him away from his adoring hordes. So I tugged on the overgrown rodent's ear - and he gave me the ol' backhand right in the kisser. I screamed and cried, of course, and Mick played it off as an accident.

Through my tears, I managed to get off a rendition of Happy Birthday. I'm not sure what we did with the violin for the rest of the day.

I have to give my parents credit. I can't imagine schlepping my kid's violin across the country to entertain some sweaty loser with a part-time job.
Being hit on the tushie by Mickey Mouse? Your parents should have sued... It would have made a great script episode for "Night Court"!

Off topic: How's the baby?
No, not keister - kisser. He hit me in the face.

Baby is all cute a googly, kenahorah.
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