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Sunday, January 14, 2007
It's 36 degrees F right now. This is not why I moved to Los Angeles.
Here in WI, I wish it was that warm! Then I wouldn't need all these layers.
it's beautiful out here in Philly. And the iggles lost. All is right in the world.

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As Robin Williams said, it's the kind of weather that reminds you that men have nipples too.
It serves California right, they went too far trying to end global warming. I don't think they're driving enough these days. You and your friends all need to get in your cars and go for a drive, maybe you can warm the city back up.

BTW here in Miami it's 75 degrees. But we have had a couple of cold days too. It went all the way down to 60 last week. I almost had to wear a sweater.
Right after I posted this yesterday, I went outside and almost slipped on some ice. No foolin'.
yep, we have ice in the streets. If this is global warming, I'll eat my shorts.

Now we can actually have weather in common for a change, you out there on the West Coast, me in this country north of you.

Should I send you an electric blanket, some long johns, thermal undershirts, and a couple of parkas? I can tuck in a couple packets of hot chocolate for good measure!
I already have the long johns... but the cocoa sounds nice...
thought I might find some friends here, oh well, better try some other blogs, or better yet, do what I used to do before the internet: read a book
Ditto Dallas. Brrr, feels more like Cleveland out there.
Miami- have fun with all the hurricanes.
Here in Miami on Feb 15 there are no hurricanes. If you are having a blizzard where you live, and if you can get a flight out, you can come visit us. It is seventy degrees outside.

Anyone who lives in NY -- well let me tell you something -- I USED to live in NY. And sometimes I still miss it. And then other times....it's the middle of February, and it's seventy degrees outside.
A year or so ago I logged on every day to follow the stimulating and witty conversations going on here. And now it's come to this: "Some weather we're having, eh?"

Oh well.
No posting in two months. Why keep the place open? Might as well take it down, no?
funny, I haven't checked in in a couple of weeks but just happened to check in today -- and what do I see?

same old cobwebs and layer of dust on the counter but - what's that? - one of the old regulars just leaving! dang! just caught a glimpse of your back, hope it's not too late to say, come back, come back!

Or was it just a mournful ghost I saw haunting the old place?

gee it was nice here in the good old days

wonder if the coffeemaker still works?

Oh lookee the word verification they want today -- zvmywcvz -- honest! -- just scrawled it in the dust over here in the corner, wonder if anyone will notice?
I noticed, but I don't think anyone else did (KTB - Knoxville Tennessee)
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