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Sunday, May 22, 2005
The Hatching of a New Blog
Ralphie and I have a good friend who used to go to our synagogue. He was one of the few Republicans in our lefty congregations, so, of course we bonded. He's a very smart guy and has the pleasant combination of taking ideas very seriously while not taking himself very seriously. We would get together about monthly for a carnivorous lunch which was always the highlight of my day.

Then, finally heeding the call of his wife's and his commitment to contribute to the success of the ongoing experiment that is the State of Israel, they moved there. So a smart ideological right-winger raised in the South found himself in a more-or-less socialist state. To prevent the insanity that might result, a week ago he started a blog.

All hail the birth of The Western Word!

So far it looks like it's mostly about Israeli news from a legal / individual rights perspective.

Take a look. He would definitely value feedback. I've already suggested he turn on commenting, but for now just leave a comment here, and I'll be sure he sees it. (He also needs an on-line name, so we can call him something.)

Update: He has now turned commenting on. So go leave him one.
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