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Friday, May 20, 2005
Those crazy Star Wars
Saw it yesterday. There's enough commentary out there that I don't need to add. John Podhoretz pretty much sums up my thoughts, anyway.

All I'll say is, if I hear the word "younglings" again I'm gonna lightsaber somebody.
Awwwww... That's sooo disappointing. I guess I kinda expected it would suck, but held out hope anyway. Of course I'll still see it. Now I gotta wonder the unspeakable question: wait for rental? Must confer with the wise b&c.

Best line in the article: "Granted, Mrs. Darth Vader wears some very fetching beaded outfits--plus, she's a senator just like Hillary Clinton, only decades younger and way better looking."
I liked "You shouldn't have come to Naboo, Dooku."

Here's another hit-you-over-the-head name: General Grievous.

If you really are going to see it, then you should do so on the big screen. It is a visual spectacle if nothing else.

But bring a barf bag for the parlor room scenes featuring Anakin and Padme. I'm telling you, you couldn't have come up with worse dialog if you were doing a parody of bad dialog. Awful.

Left on the cutting room floor:

"Annie, don't shut me out"
"I will shut you out if you continue to call me 'Annie'"
"Well, you are an orphan..."
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