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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Part 3 of 5: If I could be a world famous blogger...
I would try to convince my readers of some important general principles. Among these are
Oh, and I would definitely have a bunch of Google ads so I could rake in the dough.
Wasn't there one about being a doctor? Hmmm, wonder what you'd be like as a doctor. It would certainly cut into your blogging time.
It's a good thing you have the redeeming quality of a terrific sense of humor. That line about the American military is downright hilarious.
Psychotoddler: I’m sorry I’m boring you. Are you dreaming about drug reps?

b&c: I love you, honey!

Q: Welcome. I’m glad you found our little corner of the web, and even gladder you got a chuckle here. When you’re done giggling, consider stating an alternate viewpoint or even making an argument.

For example, you might start:
The American military is not a great force for women’s rights ‘cause the women of Afghanistan aren’t that much better off, and in any case, the National Organization for Women has done lots more for women like consciousness raising and stuff…

And please come back, there’re always more laughs.
Huh--wha--snort...did you say something doc? ZZzzzz...
The Google ads are not all they are cracked up to be. I am still waiting for my millions to roll in,or even my hundreds.
I did state an alternative point of view.

And I'm capable of making an argument, but you weren't making one either — just bald assertions.

I'm sure you meant your statements to be provocative, and the one about the military appears to be deliberately paradoxical. You succeeded with me; I was provoked into a response.
Psychotoddler: Um... I'm happy you feel at home here, and I certainly don't mind you napping, but, uh... you're drooling on Irina's chair.

Jack: Drat. There goes my get rich slow scheme.

Q: Yes, I guess you did state an alternate point of view. I really wasn't trying to be provocative. I said things I truly believe that I know are controversial. All I meant about the military is that I think that the greatest threat to religious freedom, women's rights, etc is militant Islam, and to the extent that we're fighting against that, the military is making more progress for those ideals than anyone else.
I apologize for the deleted post. I hit "publish" when I meant to hit "preview".

I don't know whether you want to hear anything more from me on this subject. But since you showed me the respect of offering an argument, I feel I ought to respond. Our views are not so far apart as you may have assumed.

I agree that militant Islam is currently the greatest threat to self-determination, women's rights, and religious freedom around the globe. And I would go so far as to say that force is the only thing the most committed militants respect, so the American military has an essential role to play in containing the threat.

On the other hand, I believe that ideas are also a powerful force. And truth is inherently less destructive than bombs and rifles are.

Paradoxically, militant Islam bears testimony to the power of Western ideas. Islamist terrorism is a response to the encroachment of Western ideas including democracy, the separation of church and state, individual freedom, the equality of all people, and capitalism. (I don't see capitalism as an unalloyed good, but it's indisputably part of the Western package.)

Western ideas are so compelling that Islamist ideology cannot compete at the level of ideas; thus the militants resort to terrorist tactics in a desperate attempt at resistance.

In time, I believe the Muslim world will embrace this Western export — achieving a reconciliation that cannot be achieved by the sword. But in the meantime, military force will continue to play an important role.
Q: I'm happy to hear from you on the subject.

I think we're largely in agreement. I agree that capitalism has many flaws (for example, all the times I got ripped off!). I just think it's better than the alternatives.

I agree with everything else you said.
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