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Monday, May 16, 2005
Save Toby
Here's a cute li'l website - some guy threatening to eat a bunny unless he receives $50,000. Careful reading this one at work - you will laugh out loud.

(Hat tip - Sports Guy Intern)
Wait a second... didn't one of you post this already during the Terry Schiavo kerfuffle?
Yeah. Nomad posted it way back here!

Aaaahaaahaa! That's too funny.

C'mon, Ralphie. You gotta read the blog, too!

I gotta go. I'm working on a post about a recent protest against stereotypes in rap music.
Irina: bonus points for good memory and for getting another crack at your favorite word, kerfuffle.
"kerfuffle" reminds of "kartoffel" -- German, for "potato"!

Anyone for "kerfuffle salad"?
"Kartoffel" is actually "potato" in Russian as well... A coincidence or...?
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