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Friday, May 20, 2005
More Gaza Fun
Here's a not-new idea: It is hard to gauge the opinion of the Arab "street" since it is not truly free to express itself. The title of this post links to an article expressing this truth, this time in good ol' Gaza (bonus - the destination page includes a Cox & Forkum cartoon). Here's a sample:

"During a break in the shift, I ask some of workers if they like their jobs. They shrug - rinsing and bagging lettuce is no one's idea of exciting work. But when I ask what they think of the coming Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, they grow animated. If the Israelis go, some of them tell me through an interpreter, they'll lose their jobs. If this plant shuts down, they'll be out of work, and if the Palestinian Authority takes it over, they'll still be out of work - the jobs will go to workers with better connections to the PA's ruling thugs.

'If that's how you feel,' I ask, 'why don't you oppose the disengagement publicly? Why don't you tell the PA that you want your Jewish neighbors to stay?'

When my question is translated, the men look at me as if I'm crazy.

'It's forbidden!' replies Randoor, the only one of the workers who would give even his first name. 'We're not allowed to say that!' "

I found this link in the comments to a recent Cross-Currents post about responding to someone who denigrates the Muslim world.
Intifada 2 has been a disaster for the Palestinians. They're economy is in the toilet, and no one really represents them, despite the recent "elections".
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