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Friday, May 20, 2005
Air Force Harassment and the Holy Tongue
I haven't been following this story at all. Something about anti-Semitism at the Air Force Academy. If it's there, that's certainly bad. But I don't see how writing in Hebrew, especially the phrase "Peace be upon you," warrants starting a "war." At best it's an awkward move by a guy who doesn't necessarily know how to relate to people.

Weinstein's assertion that Hebrew is an "ancient language that almost no Jew is conversant in" is, well, at least half false. I think we can all agree that it is ancient, but it has made a comeback and in fact it's not a stretch to say that a majority of Jews are conversant in it, if you look at the world Jewish population. Surely that vast majority would recognize "Shalom Aleichem." Its use in this context is weird, nonetheless.

Anyway, this article (also linked in this post's title) was confusing to me 'cause it starts out mentioning "An Air Force Academy graduate who accused the school of religious intolerance..." and it turns out he graduated in 1977. Not until the penultimate paragraph do we learn that it's his son who is currently experiencing harassment. Maybe that would have been obvious if I'd been following the story.
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