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Sunday, September 10, 2006
Politics are National
According to Carl Cameron on Fox News, we could look forward to the following, should Democrats take control of the House of Representatives:

Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi
Chairman of the Government Reform Committee: Henry Waxman
Chairman of the Financial Services Committee: Barney Frank
Chairman of the Judiciary Committee: John Conyers
Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee: Charlie Rangel
Chairman of the Intelligence Committee: Alcee Hastings

Dear Mr. Indiana moderate, when you're alone in that booth, ready to pull the lever for your the favorite moderate Democrat, keep in mind how far to one end of the political spectrum the folks he or she is going to put in charge are.

Here's some more from the Wall Street Journal: Back to the Congressional Future

With a little more than two months to go before midterm elections, the polls show Democrats well positioned to win the House after 12 years out of power. So it's not too soon to consider who these Democrats are and how they would govern.

All the more so because we've seen most of these faces and their agenda before. While Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi would be a new Speaker of the House, the 19 primary committee chairmen who would dominate hearings, issue subpoenas and write legislation are agents of change only in the sense of going back to the future. They represent the same liberal priorities that bedeviled Bill Clinton's attempt to govern as a New Democrat from 1993-94, and before that Jimmy Carter in the 1970s. To pick one example, 13 of the 19 voted against the welfare reform that Mr. Clinton signed in 1996 and hailed this month as a triumph of "bipartisanship."...
I'm very very afraid. The possibility for disaster both domestically and in foreign policy is just too scary. I will spend the next two months under my bed in the fetal position.
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