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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Netanyahu speaks
By now you've received an email or seen a blog post about Netanyahu's BBC interview. The one where he says, "You don't want to ask that question." I wanted to hear it for myself, so I searched the BBC site and found this.

It's not exactly like the emails and posts (that may be a different interview or just an error), but it is fascinating. All I wanted to hear was the money quote, so I was annoyed when I had to install Real Audio and even moreso when I saw that the interview is 23 minutes long.

But once I started I couldn't turn it off. Bibi is masterful. The British host is utterly idiotic, but Netanyahu doesn't scowl at him and call him an idiot like, well, I would.

The craziest part to me is that the host keeps dismissing the analogy to German civilians killed by the Royal Air Force in WWII on the basis that it was "50 years ago" (60 but who's counting?). Were the German civilians less civilian because it was so long ago?

The sad part about the interview, which took place before the pathetic ceasefire, is that Bibi keeps hitting home the objectives that must be met, whether militarily or diplomatically - the return of the kidnapped soldiers and the disarming and destruction of Hizbullah. We know now, of course, that none of that was to be.

Take 20 minutes and give it a look-see.
I love Bibi, but don't forget that it was he who pulled out of Lebanon in 00 and handed over Hebron to the terrorists (although he was fulfilling someone else's agreement).

Bottom line: Israel is unpredictable. Unlike its foes.
I'll give you Hebron, but Lebanon was Barak.
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