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Monday, August 14, 2006
Red State Jews
No doubt you've already seen this mea culpa by a former Tikkun editor in the Wall Street Journal. He is waking up to the reality that maybe the Arabs don't want peace after all.

A number of these pieces have cropped up recently in, of all places, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. Here are a few:

Painful lessons emerge from war in Lebanon by Michael Berenbaum

Europe displaying disproportionate pacifism
by Jeffry V. Mallow

Left-leaning Jewish groups out-of-touch now by Gary Wexler

...and of course you have some pieces defending the Jewish liberal status quo, such as this response to Wexler's article:

Don't discard liberal Jewish groups by David Pine

and plenty more in the Letters section.

While I'm on the subject, this week's edition also had a very nice open letter to President Bush by a local rabbi who claims to be apolitical in his public life:

Mr. President, Thank You for Standing by Israel by Rabbi Steven Z. Leder

(Be sure to check the letters section again next week for the foaming-at-the-mouth responses to this open letter)
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