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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
*** Hole of the Week...
... is of course, Mel Gibson for his naked anti-semitism during his DUI arrest earlier this week, and presumably in his private thoughts when the world's not watching.

I didn't see "The Passion". Didn't really care to, not being religious, or into gore; I know the story, and didn't see the real benefit in playing it out on-screen graphically.

At the time, I thought some of the cries about Gibson's motives were probably over-the-top, and reflexive. Sadly, it turns out they were pretty much spot on.

Gibson's a hateful, petty *** hole. I throw a tomato at him as he makes his graceless exit from center stage.
I wish he'd just shut up and fade away. He now wants to meet with Jewish spiritual leaders to cleanse his soul. I hope this does him in, in Hollywood.
Crazy story. What do you think - is that the real Mel revealing his secret beliefs or the stupid drunk Mel just trying to get a rise out of the guy that busted him? Either way, it's really shameful.

File this under Self-Destruction.
old Jewish proverb, "Wine goes in, secrets come out."

Booze doesn't turn you into a bigot. It just greases the skids for your dark side to emerge.

... or what Toby said.
it's too bad, I used to like him...
Mel Gibson is an ANTISEMITE??


It's hard to believe that a guy who made a film based on Passion Plays (which were traditionally used in Eastern Europe to rile up the peasants for a good ole' fashioned pogrom) could hate Jews.

What next? Are you going to tell me that the author of Mein Kampf was an antisemite too??
Gibson's movie was not necessarily anti-Semitic -- I don't think that his INTENT was to stir up anti-Semitism. I haven't seen it, and I think Christians should not have seen it and certainly not have taken their children to see it -- because of all the sadism, blood and guts (a Gibson specialty in all his movies)

Having said that, I do still think that what Gibson said in his cups reflects his inner reality -- I welcome his apologies but still believe that he really IS an anti-Semite -- which in fact I always suspected.

1. I didn't see the Passion, so I have no opinion on it.

2. Clearly, Gibson's drunken tirade was vile and anti-semitic.

3. However, he did apologize. Compared to many non-apologetic apologies (..if I have offended anyone, I apologize that my comments may have...), Gibson's was pretty good.

4. In vino veritas, cuts pretty harsh in isolated incidents. I could share some pretty colorful, ahem, drunken escapades by some of the erudite posters above-thread....:)

Bottom Line: Gibson made vile remarks. Hamas and Hezbollah do vile deeds. I'd focus more on the viscerel threats of the latter, than the stupidity of the former.

Legal Eagle
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