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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
The light is better over here
You know that old joke, the one where the guy is looking under a streetlight for his keys because the light is better there than where he actually lost them? That's what comes to my mind when people say that Israel should be attacking Syria and sparing poor Lebanon. Syria's really behind it, they say, but Israel doesn't have the stones to attack her.

This assumes, of course, that Israel is trying to punish Lebanon. That's not the case, of course - Israel is simply trying to destroy Hizbullah. And Hizbullah is in Lebanon. You can't attack Syria just because the light is better there.

And let's face it - if Israel did attack Syria, then Syria's civilian population would be in the same situation as Lebanon's. And it's not the civilians' fault that their unelected "government" chooses to fund and supply terrorists. I don't expect the world would give Israel a pass if Syria's civilian population were at risk instead of Lebanon's.
You know what? Maybe it's time to change the name to "Ralphie's Coffeehouse."
Have you noticed that all the conservative talk show hosts are solidly behind Israel while the liberals on Radio Air Amerika and National Puke Radio are anti-Israel? The difference is striking. I don't know how Jewish liberals live with themselves.

You are right of course. It doesn't matter what Israel does, the liberals will condemn Israel regardless.
Iran is the real problem, but I don't think Israel should try to take them on alone, and unfortunately, I don't think America will join in with them on that endeavor. Still, my Israeli cousin thinks the best way to end this conflict is to bomb the Iranian oil fields. Tank their economy, give them a black eye, and Hezbollah has no sponsor.
P.T., I think that is exactly right...hit them in their economy...I don't understand what the world is waiting for.
Ralphie, great post.
Look, I'd be as happy to bomb Iran flat as the next guy. Actually happier; I think the next guy is Persian. Their oil fields though (like their nuclear facilities) isn't just one target to drop a bomb on and run away like a school kid egging a car. They're multiple targets. To get to Iran, Israel would have to use their midflight refueling tankers and they'd have to repeatedly violate Jordanian airspace (since I can't imagine Jordan would give them a nudge-wink to go ahead). Iran also has some actual air defenses, not just guys shooting rifles from mosque roofs, and an actual air force. The mission would take days and cost Israel some pilots and some planes. It would only cost Iran a lot of money. The oil is still there. They would only have to rebuild.

It would be more realistic to use the Zionist Space Satellite to control Hezbollah's thoughts and command them all to undress.
I am fairly but not entirely certain that Israel doesn't have midflight refueling capability.
"It would be more realistic to use the Zionist Space Satellite to control Hezbollah's thoughts and command them all to undress."

Nu, what are we waiting for?
Ralphie: Really? I thought I just heard a couple of weeks ago on some news radio show that they did have the tankers that allow them to do this. I could be wrong. Without them, any attack on Iran by Israel is out of the question. They're just too far.
I might have heard it on Hewitt. Or read it in the Weekly Standard. I have no idea. Don't listen to me.
We obviously don't need midflight midnight refueling capability if we have a Zionist Space Satellite.

I can't stop laughing at the mental image of a bunch of Hezbos disrobing as they see the Israelis coming. I am trying to imagine how the NY Times would spin this and what the headlines would be.

And then imagine if Israel shared this technology with the Republicans. Bush, with a hidden button under the podium, speaking to both houses of Congress. He begins to speak; Republicans rise for a standing ovation, Democrats sit on their hands; Bush surreptitiously reaches for the button, activates the new technology, and presto! Those guys who are still sitting will never forget the State of the Union Undress.
I love the nickname "Hezbo". Kinda takes the Allah out of the Party of God. Like calling them just "Party".
Plus, it rhymes with "Lesbo." That doesn't hurt.
Though I strongly suspect there are no Hezbo lesbos.
I like "Hezbo" too but I can't take credit for it -- that's what Rush calls them.
are israelis really so afraid of assimilation ////
peter - I don't know what you mean, but, what the heck, yes. //////
Donald Rumsfeld briefed the President this morning. He told Bush that Three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. To everyone's amazement, all of the color ran from Bush's face, then he collapsed onto his desk, head in hands, visibly shaken, almost whimpering. Finally, he composed himself and asked Rumsfeld, "Just exactly how many is a brazillion?"
Blair - you actually bothered with comment spam word verification to post that? Or has someone finally figured out how to circumvent that?
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