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Monday, August 28, 2006
Workplace security
So I'm using the facilities at work the other day and I notice something. All the screws - from the ones holding the doors on the stalls to the ones holding the hooks on the doors - are one-way security screws. Has there been a rash of lavatory furnishing robberies I was not aware of? Are our water closet fixtures really so at risk?

Note to Building Management: if you really want to focus on fighting crime in the workplace, how about getting people to stop stealing my pudding? And here's a helpful hint: if the perpetrators weren't deterred by the existing anti-theft rules detailed in our civic code and in the, um, Bible, I don't think the yellow sign taped to the fridge, asking us to respect our co-worker's food and/or foodstuffs, is gonna cut it.
One way security screws have been the standard in public bathrooms since 1965. You can actually date public crappers based on that.
I, too, have noticed the one way screws in the WC. And the workplace mafia's inability to stop lunch/beverage theft.

However, one of our cowokers has at least put some second thoughts into the minds of the kleptos.

On our fridge, a sign was posted:
"To whomever has been stealing my milk: I am a lactating mother, who needs to drink a lot milk, which I put in this fridge. I also need to store my pumped milk here. You stole the wrong milk yesterday. Hope you liked it."

og - can't believe I didn't notice until now. I will have to talk to my shrink about that.

birdwoman - excellent idea. I'll get right on it.
I don't know what "one way screws" are. Are they like galvanized nails? Galvanized, galvanized, galvanized!
One way screws can be inserted, but their heads are machined in such a way that the screws cannot be removed once driven. (well, I have a special driver that can remove them) Also called "tamper proof" screws.

if I put food in the fridge, I write "I licked this" on the food. It gets left alone.
og- the last time someone tried that at Spaceley's, someone else wrote underneath : "so did I"

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