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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Yoni Sez: Get a Gun
After reviewing recent domestic terror attacks on Jewish targets (did you know there was a terror attack in San Francisco yesterday?), Yoni advises taking advantage of the 2nd Amendment:

"I know that for many of you owning a gun ranks up there with the idea of eating pork.

But if you were on island and the only source of food were wild swine the Torah demands of you to hold your nose and survive by eating.

The same holds true today with owning a firearm.

Hold your nose and go buy a gun and then go to a gun range and learn to use it.

If not for you, then for your children."

I don't own one myself, and even if I did I don't see how I'd have it ready in public. It's hard here in CA to get a concealed weapons permit, and I can't see myself just wearing it in shoulder holster or something... Nevertheless, an interesting analogy.
I'm glad that some of my neighbors have guns, because I want the neighborhood burglars to have a degree of uncertainty about their own safety when they plan their home invasions. But I myself would not keep a gun because there are just too many accidents, some kid accidentally shooting himself or a playmate in the papers every day.

And if you store the ammo separately from the gun, the weapon is not really so usable in an emergency.
Ralphie: I agree with Yoni. I just wish I could get a permit to carry my gun. I would feel so much safer.

TK: keeping a gun safely isn't hard.
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