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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Blood Libel
At the end of the article "Red Cross hit with $4.2 million blood fine," you'll find this sentence:

"The Red Cross provides nearly half the nation's blood supply, selling blood products to health facilities."

Am I the only one who thought that they just, uh, gave it to whomever needed it? As I recall, they don't pay for, um, donations.
I've heard from many veterans and others that in WWII, the Red Cross accepted donations from the home front, then went and SOLD them to soldiers at high prices. In contrast, the Salvation Army is said to have given away comfort food, etc, with a smile.

Is there anybody to give blood to, that turns around and gives it away?
If you donate directly to your local hospital,, that hospital gets your blood for free.

That reminds me, I'm way over due. Good work, Ralphie!
When I give blood they give me cookies. I love cookies. Also they let me lie on a comfy chair and watch TV undisturbed. That's more than my kids ever do for me.

But about non-profits -- any non-profit that takes in millions of dollars, well, with that kind of money sloshing around, it would be naive not to realize that /somebody's/ making a killing.
Yeah, I thought it was free. I wonder what a pint goes for these days?
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