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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
I'm glad to see this issue raised. I wonder if there is a middle ground where DDT use could be kept at lower levels in order to safeguard vulnerable bird species, but levels which are high enough to be useful in preventing widespread death from diseases like malaria.

"Save the World" Enviros Are Killing Millions of African Kids"
Great article! Thanks. I love John Stossel, and I love pesticides. People forget that the alternative to pesiticides is pests.
Great article. John Stossel is great.

Was just reading a book called "The Sceptical Environmentalist." It said that most of the "popular wisdom" about the environment is not supported by the statistical evidence. Unfortunatley, I did not get to the chapter on Rachel Carson.

When I was 15 I spent 2 mornings spreading DDT on crops on a Kibbutz. Really primitive method. DDT was in cloth bags and I walked up and down the aisles, shaking the bags. I was such a callow youth that I could not figure out which was the correct aisle to walk down.

The DDT got all over me, especially my legs. And I have not noticed any il efectz sinc.
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