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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Why You Treat Me Like A Dog?
Wanderer is a pal, a great doctor, and a new blogger. The name of his blog is the title of this post. For a while I've offered him a link on our sidebar to share his writing with our readers, but he has deferred, worrying that his blog is "not ready for prime time". Today he has relented, and accepted a place in our list of personal blogs. He's a nice guy, and a thoughtful writer, so I commend his blog to you, with a very important caveat.

Every single political opinion he has is false.
Thanks for the link and the plug. Its tough getting a blog off the ground these days.
I'm sure your readers will greatly appreciate the convenience of being able to easily click away from the right wing drivel that is frequently served (at no charge, of course) with the beverages and donuts in this here coffeehouse. Cheers, and thanks again!
Damn, is THAT what I have to do to get a link here? Insult the host and start a blog full of koolaid drinking democratic nonsense??
It's all in good fun. Neanderpundits are so serious all the time...
Og: You make a powerful point. I linked you. I put you under conservative blogs, but if you think Neanderpundit is more of a personal blog, speak up.
LOL! I was just pulling your leg- but thanks! yeah, conservative works well, if you consider that I think of Rush Limbaugh as a commie bastard.
Cro Magnon want read Neanderpundit!
that's a great blog title.

Og: You can say what you will about Limbaugh, but I really like Rush, the Canadian rock band.

Cro Magnon Man (almost certainly Psychotoddler in disguise): For those not in on the joke, Cro Magnon Man made his debut here.

Birdwoman: Nice to see you here again. I'll have to ask him about it. He and his wife are doting dog owners, so there may be nothing more to it than that.
Every single political opinion he has is false.

I like his blog already.
Q: You would! (But I hope you keep spending some time here too.)
Actuallyt, for the syntax to make sense, it should say "why you treat me like dog?"
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