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Sunday, November 27, 2005
Air America lives on in LA
So the other night I'm scanning stations on the AM dial here in Los Angeles and find a Clippers game. The Clips have a good squad this year so I assign a preset button to the station, 1150.

Next morning I press the 1150 button and find out that when the Clippers aren't playing, 1150 is our local Air America affiliate. I thought it had been blacked out in the LA market. So I'm about the return that preset to a different sports talk station when I think, hey, maybe I'm not challenging myself enough. Maybe I should be listening the what the other side is saying, just so I'm not taking positions based on sheer reflex. Maybe the Left has some good positions from which I can learn.

All I've heard so far is the morning host mocking Bush for talking about democracy and religious freedom on his recent trip to Asia and the Sunday night host complaining that major newspapers keep referring to "Tookie" Williams, a death-row inmate with a death date set for Dec. 13, as a "convicted killer." Even though he was, um, convicted of killing. People.

Anyway, I'll let y'all know if I hear anything else good.
Maybe you could have a serial post about it. You could summarize what you hear and the rest of us wouldn't have to listen
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