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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving
A year ago Nomad posted George Washington’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation. I think it’s worth reading every year. ball-and-chain and I read it and Psalm 100 at our Thanksgiving dinner annually.

Among the abundant blessings for which my wife and I are deeply grateful are having Nomad, Ralphie, and Oven as our dear friends, and having the chance through this Coffeehouse to develop email friendships with Torontopearl (who we actually met in real analog), Psychotoddler, Treppenwitz, and Og. You’ve made our lives much sweeter.

We’ll be away from the web for the next four days, so I won’t be answering your comments promptly, but I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for and whether your family has any special Thanksgiving readings or traditions.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers and your families.
Hi Doctor Bean. You and I were on the same wavelength, apparently. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.
Gosh, gee willikers, you make me blush, Doctor Bean.

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday.
Have a great holiday - and a great turkey! ; )
Thanks, you all are decent folk and deserve all the happiness you get. Best thanksgiving to you all.
Even over here in Israel we like to continue the Thanksgiving tradition with a nice turkey dinner... however this year we will be at a friend's wedding, so no Turkey. :-(

We don't usually have any formal readings at the table, but by an hour after the meal I sure am thankful for tryptophan (and yes science dorks, I am aware that tryptophan is not really what makes me sleepy after the meal). :-)
Best wishes to you all! Thanks for letting us all stop by here!
Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Bean family. I wrote a post on my blog about the things I am grateful for.
You rock Bean and Ball! I'm thankful for lots of stuff... primarily health and good family and friends. The rest is gravy.
Reading your post made me feel warm and tingly. Well, either reading your post or the fact that I'm sitting on an Aeron chair in the nude. But either way, it's a special feeling.
Thanks everyone! Ralphie: post a picture!
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