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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Hillary and McCain
I've never bought into the Hillary hype. I've always felt, yeah, she sells well in New York, but I wouldn't want to have to market her elsewhere. She lacks Bill's charisma. She comes across as phony on her good days, and downright abrasive on the other ones. If her last name wasn't Clinton, she'd be practicing law in a private firm. I don't think she'll win the nomination, and certainly not the presidency. I'm waiting for a dark horse governor to show up and ruin her fun.

And from my conservative perspective, McCain sucks. I wouldn't trust the guy any further than I could hurl him. His campaign finance reform was a rape of free speech, his grandstanding in the MLB steroid issue was annoying, and his recent attempts to handicap our intelligence-gathering efforts are reckless. Most hard-core conservatives loath the guy. I think Giuliani (in spite of his pro-abortion position) sells a lot better with both conservatives and the general electorate.

Anyhow, here's a good rundown of numbers relating to Hillary and McCain, and the problems they face in their quests for the Oval Office:

Fatal Flaws For 2008 Front-Runners?
I agree with the analysis on Clinton and McCain, but the populace occasionally surprises me with their voting behavior.

2008 is a long way off. I just hope for some foreign and domestic triumphs to give W a boost in his remaining three years.
Hear, hear! You've perfectly summarized the reasons I don't like McCain. I don't think he's ever appeared in a post here in a positive light.
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