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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Non-profits and money
Often you'll hear one pundit or another claim that a non-profit interest group is peddling fear in order to keep itself in business. For example, on NRO today David Klinghoffer suggests that the Anti-Defamation League beats the drum of Christian domination in order to raise funds. Well, he first suggests that, then kind of sort of retracts it, or molds it into something slightly different.

I agree with Klinghoffer's assessment that defending Jewish life against a benign, even pro-Jew (fine, "philo-semitic") American Christianity is absurd in and of itself, not to mention that there's another world religion we might need to be a tad more worried about. (Hint: It ain't radical buddhism.)

But I just don't believe that the ADL leadership doesn't believe what they're saying (or even have tricked themselves into believing it). I believe that they believe it. I guess it's possible they're ignorant, or perhaps even willfully (if not blissfully) ignorant, or the real world situation. But then, that's a general Right critique of the Left, isn't it? (And it's the Left who usually says that the Right is lying to drum up support.)

And I don't buy it in general. For example, I don't think that the mainstream American black leaders cry "racism" in order to keep their status and their jobs (and their people's votes) - I think they believe what they believe. They just happen to be wrong more often than not.
Hey, you won't see ME joining in any time soon! : )
I agree that they're sincere, meaning that I don't think they're consciously lying. I just think they're wrong.

You posted about the ADL before, and in the comments there I already ranted at length about my problems with them.
Indeed, and now I see your point! : )
You know, you don't have to be a christian or Jew or Muslim to be an asshole. Also, being in those sects doesn't preclude being an asshole. I know a LOT of intolerant people of all faiths. I grew up surrounded by Klan, so I am painfully familiar. The point, I think, is not to be an ass, whoever you are.

And if you want to send money to someone, open your eyes and look around. I don't care where you are, within a stone's throw you can find someone who needs and deserves your help. Personally? using charity as an income tax deduction lessens the deed.
Hm, I guess I did post about them before. I guess I don't like 'em so much. Not necessarily true - they do some good stuff, too. I mean, I assume.

Og - I am all for non-ass-being.
Yep, Ralphie, we guessed that. And thanks.

You know, you're right- it's impossible for every organization to be f-ed up all the time- but the bad name given to Judaism by some of the ADL folks puts them in the same boat as the ACLU, sometimes. No different from a lot of the asstard calvinists, frankly.

The guy next door to me as I was coming up, a Jehovah's witless, pointed out to me a lot of supposedly great things his pals in the Klan did. Of course, I lived in a sunset town. How bout we all just respect each other? is it such a big damned deal?
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