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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
California Ballot Initiatives
I voted...

73 - 77: Yes
78 - 80: No

How'd I do?
You can follow the live returns here. It looks like you're doing OK.
We voted the same. Bean... fess up. How'd you vote?
I'm embarrassed to say that I have no clue because ball-and-chain voted for me by absentee ballot. I don't even know which proposition is which. We voted for all the ones that Arnold was supporting, I know that. If there was an add by a union on the radio against something, we voted for it. I think we voted for parental notification, but I'll have to ask b&c to bail me out with the details.
It looks like all the props failed, and California keeps the government it deserves. That sound you hear is companies moving to Nevada and Arizona.
It is easy to be frustrated at Californians for their foolishness. However, I take solace in the fact that rugged individuals will weather the inevitable decay of our state better than those who cause it.
Did y'all hear about the initiative banning all handguns in San Francisco? Apparently this has been attempted previously but was struck down because it conflicts with state law.

In any case, the sound you hear is criminals gleefully moving to SF.
I would like to point out that San Francisco County voted exactly the opposite of Orange County - except for 78. Both counties voted against 78. That proposition really sucked.
You're so lucky to live in the O.C.
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