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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Another sign you're in California
My kids' Orthodox yeshiva day school (Preschool - 8th grade) just offered a new daily lunch menu item: sushi. I'm not kidding.
Is this dark chocolate sushi? Svenmom
My kids' day school offers different choices throughout the school year: milk, hot dogs, falafel, ice cream, pizza AND sushi.

So, on top of doling out over $9000/yr per child in tuition (let's not even talk about school supplies, even for the youngest, in senior kindergarten), I have to dish out another couple hundred dollars for my kids' dietary "wants". (aside from each of them getting milk, they only get one choice of another food item this year -- we have to set limits.)
We generally send them with a home-packed lunch. They get to have pizza ($5) every now and again. Or they can opt for the sushi at this point (yes, they like sushi).
Home packed lunch, made by harried mom is the choice in the Bean household.
Yeah, it turns out that Los Angeles internists (at least this one) can't afford school-bought lunches. b&c makes my lunches too, and they're yummy.
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