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Friday, December 02, 2005
I might be a sentimental fool for saying this but I've always loved John Denver's Country Roads. It's really a beautiful song. The only problem I have with it is that the part of the country and the culture it describes are totally foreign to me. So with apologies to Mr. Denver's memory, I've penned a song to the same music that's a little closer to my life, and dedicated it to b&c. I'm sure it could become a huge hit. Maybe Psychotoddler could record it.

Almost lunchtime, West Los Angeles
Pat's Restaurant or Pico Kosher Deli?
Portions huge there, service is so slow
Decision is gut wrenching. Oh where will I go?

405, take me home
To the place I belong
West Los Angeles, Jewish momma
Take me home, 405

All my children gather 'round her
Doctor's lady, stranger to tap water
"Ph.D., Housewife" her card verifies
Tangy taste of pesto, contacts in her eyes

405, take me home
To the place I belong
West Los Angeles, Jewish momma
Take me home, 405

My cell phone rings, at all hours it calls me
The radio is playing right-wing hosts all day
And my accountant has a feelin'
I should have bought Pfizer yesterday, yesterday

405, take me home
To the place I belong
West Los Angeles, Jewish momma
Take me home, 405
(For you non-Californians, the 405 is a highly congested North-South Freeway that runs along the coast from Orange County to north of LA County.)
Pats is pretty good, but I am still partial to The Magic Carpet.
A little too much time on your hands there, bean.
LOL, what tune is it supposed to be?
What did Ph.D./Housewife think of your fond musical tribute?
Jack: I love The Magic Carpet. Haven't been there for about a year there though (or Pat's for that matter). Thanks for reminding me. There's a little hole in the wall on the north side of Pico east of Robertson called Haifa. Great (kosher) Israeli food at reasonable prices and the waitresses are real drug reps, if you know what I mean.

Og: Way too much time, and too little talent. Sorry 'bout that.

Irina: I thought I made that clear, but I guess not. The tune is John Denver's Country Roads. The lyrics are here. It strikes me that you may be so young, you haven't heard of it. If that's the case, I'll start walking with a cane and gumming all my food. Anyway, take a look, then you may get the parody, a little.

Torontopearl: She hasn't seen it yet. I guess she'll let us both know. She really has a business card that she hands people that says her name and phone number and "Ph.D., Housewife". And her Ph.D., by the way is in immunology, not one of those navel-gazing fields like ethnomusicology.

(Am I about to get hostile comments from all the ethnomusicologists who read this?)
I love John Denver. Saw him in concert many times. I know every word to every song he ever sang! Just saw a really good special on PBS about his life.

I liked your song, DB! If you ever decide to give up medicine....

Real drug reps. It sounds like I need to check it out.
Hopefully, Psychotoddler will experience the joys of the 405 (perhaps at 7:30a.m.)when he has his visit here and be able to write his own lyrics (not that yours aren't amazing Doctor Bean).
p.s. love John Denver music...is that like admitting you love Barry Manilow?
Stacey: His death was so premature and so senselessly tragic. I was never that big of a fan but I liked him. Thanks for your vote of confidence, but I have zero talent in song writing and it's probably one of the few things I'd make less money in than medicine.

Jack: Check it out and write a post or eight about it.

Cruisin-Mom: I'll be picking him up from the airport. He'll definitely be enjoying the 405. Re John Denver & Barry Manilow: I think John Denver may actually be a notch or two above Barry Manilow on the coolness scale, so there's a tad more shame in admitting you like Manilow. But that's subjective, I suppose.
and the waitresses are real drug reps, if you know what I mean.

So now you're joining PT's band as a songwriter? Always surprising us with your hidden talents :)
While I loooove Pats, I could totally live without the 405! And don't get me started about the valley... :-)
You might want to try Greta, the new French restaurant. I hear it's yummy.
Essie: Welcome! My songwriting talents are very well hidden.

Treppenwitz: You are living without the 405! I know what you mean about the Valley. It's full of people like Jack. :)

Ralphie: I haven't even heard about it. I'm so not hip. Do youths periodically set fire to your table? Do they surrender the restaurant to the German deli next door?
Hey now...watch those valley comments, Dr. Bean!
Cruisin-mom: Offense was only intended to Jack! ;-)
Hmm... 405 was always clear when I was in LA... and the Valley is so *nice*!
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