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Monday, December 05, 2005
Board the Windows and Change the Locks
You better smell good
You better not cry
You better wear pants
I'm tellin' you why
Psychotoddler's comin' to towwwwwwwwwn!
You no doubt have read by now that Psychotoddler and his lovely wife Mrs. Balabusta will be visiting us soon. Well, preparations have been frantic at chez Bean. The cooking has been nonstop. The grounds have been meticulously re-landscaped. The old furniture has been chopped for firewood and new furniture has been commissioned from the local artisans. Finally, the moat has been dragged for bodies. I think the house is ready.

There's No Place Like Home
We've unchained the kids and bathed them, all gotten haircuts, done the laundry, and put on our spiffiest threads.

Squeaky CleanCan't wait!
Don't forget to unroll the red carpet for them, and make sure those spiffy red leather chairs are waiting, vacant, for PsychoToddler and Mrs. Balabusta to sink into.

Enjoy each other's company!

"Green with Envy"
Your new house is really pretty. Now I think you should get a face transplant, too -- the French have proved it can be done -- your Dr Bean photo (the one that so resembles that weird British actor) is ugly -- time you became handsome, to match your house -- I think go with a Cary Grant or Robert Redford type face. (I would suggest a more contemporary actor if there were any good looking ones -- but sigh, good-looking is out of fashion.)

Oh I know who you should really use -- Richard Chamberlain in his Dr Kildare role -- I know you kids have never heard of him but I bet you could find a really nice picture of him in his doctor duds, and he was very handsome.
Have fun with your special visitors! (and now that darn Xmas song will be in my head all day!)
I am so excited. I cannot wait to hear all about it. When do they arrive?
Oh sure... I introduce you guys and get left out of the big get-together! What's wrong with this picture?!

You guys better at least toast me with some tang! :-)
Bean - that picture is a complete misrepresentation of your family. You have four kids.
Quoth Lurch: Ohhhhhhhh.....
Torontopearl: They will definitely spend quality time in the red comfy chairs. Be not envious! Our door is always open and we hope to see you again.

Ms. Katz: Your suggestions are interesting and will be considered at length. The thing is though, that my name is Doctor Bean, also the name of a movie character played by Rowan Atkinson. I use Atkinson's picture. See?

Essie: Welcome to our humble Coffeehouse! Thanks for the good wishes. I actually enjoy that Christmas song, because of its catchy tune and ethical message. ("He knows if you've been good or bad, so be good for goodness' sake.")

Stacey: In good time, grasshopper.

Treppenwitz: You are indeed the matchmaker responsible for all this fun. We will toast you frequently and well. It's really remarkable how much the existence of the web has enriched our personal lives. No? And another thing. Who says you can't come next time?

Ralphie: One of them was taking the picture.

Psychotoddler: Ummmm…. OK! See you soon, then!
Isn't that the castle aaaaaarrggh?
Ms. Katz - That may be a picture of a different person, but rest assured it looks exactly like our own Bean. I'm with you - I think he should go with Redford (politics don't come along with faces, right?).

Of course, Dr. Bean is no stranger to cosmetic enhancements.
Bean between you and Ralphie this Coffeehouse keeps me ROTFLMAO.

Psychotoddler - be afraid, be very afraid. A little snowstorm on the way to a shul gig is nothing compared to what awaits you here in SoCal!!!
Ethical message? Is it good for goodness' sake or presents' sake? Never did understand that...
Og: Extra points! We haven't had a Python quote for a while. Thanks.

Wanderer: It's a nice break from preventing heart attacks all day, isn't it? Glad you like it. You're like the only person in my work life who knows about the blog, and being a Dem as you are, I'm grateful you don't destroy my career by emailing all my patients a link to here.

Ayelet: I'm just telling you the song's lyrics. It's good for goodness sake. You can't beat that.
What is the actual name of that castle- anyone know?
Found it, it's Castle Stalker.
Great. I'm on my way to Castle Stalker. Wait. Shouldn't that be the other way around?
beats the Castle Anthrax
Nice house. Nice moat. Lovely family. Can't wait to meet you all.

Inland empress: Fear not. We'll be on our best behavior.
Castle Anthrax. Now THAT'S a place I'd like to visit. Wait, too perelous.
bet your gay
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